Outreach Team

  •                                               Backpacks of Love

     The Outreach office is starting a new program “BACKPACKS OF LOVE” will give toiletries and other personal care items to the men and women who come to our office for help and desperately need these items. We want SMALL TRAVEL SIZE items to put in the backpacks NOT large items. Call 843-6009 or 682-0684 for more information

                                                                  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT 


    *Travel size lotion
    *Travel size Shampoo
    *Travel size Soap
    *Travel size body wash
    *Travel size shaving cream
    *Disposable Razors
    *Travel size hand sanatizers
    *Purse pack tissues
    *Small wipes
    *Small hairbrush and comb
    *Small toothpaste
    *Individual toothbrush
    *4 bottles of water
    *Packs of instant oat meal
    *Nutrition bars
    *Small individual Snacks
    *Nail Clippers
    *Nail File
    *McDonald's gift card
    *Burger King gift card
    *Refillable water bottle

  • Outreach Team

    - In the office Tuesday's from 7:30 am - 12:00 noon

      The Outreach Office provides assistance to people (clients) in the community who need assistance, i.e. payment of utility bills, utility deposits, rent, rent deposits; hotel, food , clothing, furniture (pickup and distribution); and miscellaneous issues that come along.
      Requests for assistance usually are made via telephone or visits to the Outreach Office in person.  People requesting assistance are required to come to the Outreach Office.
    The Outreach Office is located on the Saint William Campus in the Religious Education building lower level. (the building to the left of the church)